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Tech Trends

Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2021

New ways to work, exercise, see the doctor, watch movies and sanitize every surface in sight will continue to proliferate. So will monthly subscription fees. You may even end up wearing a social-distancing sweater.

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4 ways coronavirus has changed millennials’ and Gen Z’s spending habits

From contact-free food deliveries to online shopping, the coronavirus might be changing...

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Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2 Earbuds #WorthTheWait

Probably the biggest stumbling block with these earphones will be their price, which at $299 /€299 is at the upper end of the range when it comes to truly wireless audio. Sennheiser promises to have the Momentum True Wireless available to buy in November.

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How TikTok became a hit maker in the music industry

“TikTok has opened up this door where anything’s at play. All old...

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#DIY Your Food Is in the Mail

Excerpt via AngelList Kevin William David U.S. customers spent around $100 million...

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#BacktotheFuture // GM turned a 1960s pickup into an electric hot rod

Excerpt via The Verge By Sean O’Kane Nov 7, 2019 General Motors teased the...

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Domino’s will start delivering pizzas via an autonomous robot this fall

Excerpt via Washington Post June 17, 2019 at 3:53 PM EDT The...

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Your Robot-Made Coffee Is Ready. Where Does That Leave The Barista?

Excerpt via FastCompany Austin, Tx.-based Briggo is expanding its robot-staffed “Coffee Haus”...

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Spotify is building Netflix-meets-radio

Excerpt via AngelList Spotify’s strategy, it seems, is to build something between...

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The Age of Tech Is Over and Other Myths (AKA "Print is dead, live TV is dead, and Millennials killed American cheese")

“If technology is everywhere, the tech sector no longer exists,” Vincent Deluard, strategist...

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#SurveillanceCapitalism: How Tech Uses The Human Experience as Free Raw Material

‘Technology is the puppet, but surveillance capitalism is the puppet master.’ Shoshana...

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#VisualCulture #AI #DigitalCulture Fashion x Cyber Warfare

Christopher Wylie, who helped found the voter-profiling firm Cambridge Analytica, said that...

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#Robotics #AI Step Inside the Nepalese Restaurant Staffed by Robot Waiters

This isn't the first time robots have entered the food and drinks business. From robot chefs and robot bartenders to robot takeout deliveries, this is already a fast-growing market. Ginger is far from perfect. It’s slow, still requires human input for parts of its operation, and doesn’t move smoothly enough to carry beverages.

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#AITechThis Song Was Algorithmically Written In The Style of The Strokes

Excerpt via Dazed While you’re waiting for The Strokes to get a...

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Spotify x AncestryDNA Playlist Generator

Excerpt via By Jesse Montgomery Two weeks ago, AncestryDNA and the...

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