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How TikTok became a hit maker in the music industry

“TikTok has opened up this door where anything’s at play. All old records, all new records — people don’t care on TikTok as long as it’s fun to make content with.”
– Adi Azran, head of marketing at the TikTok-focused media company Flighthouse,

Excerpt via Business Insider

TikTok has become a hit maker in the music industry.

The app’s music-friendly interface and its users’ penchant for dance challenges have made TikTok a key promotional tool for artists and record labels alike. One need look no further than the Billboard 100 or Spotify Viral 50 to see the app’s imprint on popular music in recent months.

Songs can take off on TikTok by accident, as with the sudden surge in popularity of Matthew Wilder’s 1983 hit “Break My Stride” earlier this year. In other instances, marketers or artists try to make songs trend by tapping into existing TikTok fads, creating original songs, or adapting tracks for TikTok’s short-video format and hiring influencers to promote them.

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