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#70s Flashback: #TRex Rocker & Fashion Pioneer Marc Bolan

The Least-Known Most Influential Man in Fashion

These days Rihanna is a designer. So is Kanye. So is Pharrell. So is Selena. Musicians have gone from fashion muses to fashion makers in the turn of a few seasons, one-upping style heroes of yesteryear like Mick Jagger and David Bowie — who nevertheless are routinely name-checked as inspiration in show notes.Yet few words, if any, are devoted to the sartorial legacy of a man whose influence has done as much (if not more) to shape what we see on runways today: Marc Bolan, a wild child who once had all of Britain groveling at his shiny heels.Forty years after his death in a car crash just days before his 30th birthday, it is time the rock ‘n’ roller was given his fashion due.

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