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Obsessed with Bots: The Biggest Thing Since the iPhone?

Imagine  asking  yourself out loud “I wonder if it will rain today” and a chatbot would know your location and be able to answer conversationally whether you should bring an umbrella.  No apps. No search box.  Your own personal Miss Moneypenny has arrived.

Think of bots as a replacement for all of the apps you have downloaded. Instead of opening the weather app to see the temperature, you can ask a bot and it will tell you the weather instead.

Eventually, a single chatbot could become your own personal assistant to take care of everything, whether it’s calling you an Uber or setting up a meeting. Or, Facebook Messenger or another platform might let a bunch of individual chatbots to talk to you about whatever is relevant — a chatbot from Southwest Airlines could tell you your flight’s delayed, another chatbot from FedEx could tell you your package is on the way, and so on.

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