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End of Summer '21 Playlist #Enjoythemoment

New and old sounds for Fall give tribute to a lost Rolling Stone, a Jamaican mastermind record producer who first introduced tape looping, splicing and time-stretching vocals, and a young Modern-funk maverick from the Bay Area who passed far too soon.

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#AITechThis Song Was Algorithmically Written In The Style of The Strokes

Excerpt via Dazed While you’re waiting for The Strokes to get a...

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Vaporwave Explained: An Internet Born Music Genre Meshes Tech Sounds Into Melody

Vaporwave is a music genre originating from the early 2010s. The term encompasses everything associated with it, including the unique aesthetic of classic roman busts, tropical sunsets, 90s video graphics and Japanese text. It is a product of the internet and the invisible connections that mesh culture together.

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