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“Saturation 70”: Lost 1970 Sci-Fi Revived in Exclusive Art Book

Journey back to the counterculture epoch with “Saturation 70: A Vision Past of the Future Foretold.” This upcoming deluxe art book unearths a forgotten 1970 sci-fi gem that stars the likes of Gram Parsons and Michelle Phillips. The brainchild of director Anthony Foutz and featuring spectacular effects by Douglas Trumbull, the film follows a Victorian star child’s quest in a smog-choked Los Angeles, enlisting an eclectic group to rescue Earth. Packed with unseen photos, script fragments, and production stills, this 176-page hardback, spearheaded by Chris Campion and Anthony Foutz, rekindles the lost narrative. Embracing a Kickstarter launch, backers can be part of resurrecting this cinematic relic due for publication in April 2024.

Key Details: 

  • Title: Saturation 70: A Vision Past of the Future Foretold
  • Film Concept: A lost 1970 sci-fi film shot in 1969 starring Gram Parsons, Michelle Phillips, and more, directed by Anthony Foutz with Douglas Trumbull’s special effects.
  • Plot: A Victorian star child falls into smog-filled Los Angeles and joins a group to save Earth.
  • Book Content: 176-page hardback with rare behind-the-scenes photos, script fragments, and production stills.
  • Creators: Chris Campion and Anthony Foutz collaborate on the book’s extensive history.
  • Timeline: Set for publication in April 2024, collaborating with Dot Editions for top-quality printing.




“Saturation 70: A Vision Past of the Future Foretold” unveils the untold story of a lost 1970 sci-fi film. Shot in 1969 and starring Gram Parsons and Michelle Phillips, the film was the brainchild of director Anthony Foutz, with groundbreaking special effects by Douglas Trumbull. The plot revolves around a Victorian star child navigating a smog-ridden Los Angeles, teaming up with a quirky ensemble to save the Earth. The upcoming 176-page hardback art book, a joint effort by Chris Campion and Foutz, promises rare behind-the-scenes imagery, script fragments, and production stills. The project, in collaboration with Dot Editions, is on track for publication in April 2024, offering a unique peek into this lost gem of the counterculture era.

Kickstarter Information:

This Kickstarter launch offers backers the chance to support the publication of “Saturation 70: A Vision Past of the Future Foretold” and gain access to exclusive rewards. Backers can choose from a variety of reward tiers, including postcard sets, signed book editions, and limited edition Gram Parsons serigraph prints. With pledges directed towards production costs, the project aims to bring this unique book to life. International shipping will be facilitated, and the team pledges to update backers regularly regarding any potential delays in the book’s production. Your support is vital in bringing this distinctive project to fruition.



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