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6 Ways To Stay Healthy. No matter where you are.

Excerpt via Domino

Busy crowds, surfaces that don’t get cleaned that often, a sneezing stranger—there’s a lot out there that can put you at risk of getting sick, especially in this current moment of social distancing and self-quarantines.  Thankfully, a few tweaks to your routine can go a long way to keeping you—and everyone around you—feeling 100-percent. Here, nine wellness experts share their on-the-go strategies for staying healthy, valuable intel even if you’re staying put for awhile. Just don’t forget the basics: wash your hands thoroughly and often, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, stay home if you’re feeling under the weather, and check the State Department’s website for travel advisories.

1. Pack your dopp kit

“I keep a ready-packed bag with my health go-to’s—hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, face cleansing wipes—that make me feel at home wherever I am. This helps settle a lot of the disruption in my environment and routine, but primarily saves me from making desperate choices based on convenience or because I didn’t leave enough time to thoughtfully plan for those moments.” —Hilary Quartner, co-founder of Hilma

“I never go without my immune health supplements: Liposomal Vitamin C sachets, vitamin D, and Seed’s pre and probiotic if I’m on-the-go.” —Raj Barker, Health Coach at The Well

2. Keep your gut in check

“I try to eat probiotic-rich foods before and during my trip, like kombucha and yogurt, because traveling tends to upset my stomach. I also usually take a few favorites with me: Hilma Upset Stomach Relief, traditional Armenian ak-mak crackers for when I have a stomach ache, Traditional Medicinals ginger tea bags for general soothing and digestion, and prunes (enough said).” —Nina Mullen, co-founder of Hilma

3. Clean up

“Carry a pack of disinfecting wipes with you and get to town scrubbing away any possible germs lingering on your seat. I discovered Elyptol wipes on a recent visit to L.A.; they’re effective, biodegradable, and eucalyptus-scented.” —Jessica Young, founder of Bubble

4. Make moves

“For all aches and pains, movement is key. Start with some foam rolling, active release work with a lacrosse ball, and dynamic stretching, then follow that with the safe (read: not too intense) movement of your choice. My number-one recommendation is pilates. And when I’m flying, I constantly get up and move around.” —Dr. Jonathan Leary, founder of Remedy Place

“I always pack workout gear in case I can fit in a 20-minute sunrise jog on the beach or some stretching in my hotel room. I make sure to get in the pool with my kids to splash around, too.” —Katrine van Wyk, Lead Health Coach at The Well

5. Think holistically

“I think of wellness in a few different buckets: sleep, immune system, movement, and gut health. So, when I travel, I have a few things for each category. For better shuteye, I swear by Mag-Ease Oil spray from Aimee Raupp Beauty and Deep Sleep Body Cocoon Lotion from Thisworks; for my immune system, I take Rooted Vitamin C packets and Bio Active Silver Hydrosol drops; for exercise, I use Kira Stokes bands along with her app and 1-pound ankle weights from Bala Bangles; for gut health, I like Seed probiotics and  Terra Origin Healthy Gut packets. But eating well, drinking plenty of water, and prioritizing rest is just as, if not more, important than these essentials.” —Hannah Bronfman, author and founder of HBFit

6. Stay hydrated

“I always bring an enormous reusable water bottle with me, as well as a very thick moisturizer, since flying can be intensely dehydrating for both body and skin. Sometimes I actually leave a layer of moisturizer on my face, which definitely garners some strange looks.” —Lily Galef, co-founder of Hilma

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