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#HappySad: Fazerdaze “Lucky Girl” Video Is All Euphoria & Melancholy

“Lucky Girl”

By John-Paul Shiver

Fazerdaze, aka Amelia Murray, has shared the first single and video “Lucky Girl” from her debut album Morningside. Murray, a New Zealand native, will release the 10-track journal May 5th via Flying Nun Records. “Lucky Girl”, a subliminally hypnotic song, combines euphoria and melancholy into one multifaceted emotion.

With numerous camera shots punching in and out of frame capturing Murray, in an arrested state of aloofness, repeatedly falling into a lush green meadow…. interspersed with monotonous images of fruits being diced, a Rubik’s Cubes destruction, and various hand signals on display. The clip was shot by Sam Kristofski and edited by Murray. She wrote and recorded the track while living in a room with no windows except for a skylight. Eventually Murray had to block out the skylight to stop the room from overheating. “It was so dark in there and I slowly began to feel sad, like the walls were closing in on me – that’s how I got the idea for the first lyric.”

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