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#ROBOPHOBIA: Anxious About Automation? You’re Not Alone

Researchers and businesspeople are constantly guessing how many jobs robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will destroy.

The results from a recently released survey by Masayuki Morikawa at Japan’s Research Institute of Economy, Trade, and Industry suggest that how concerned workers are about automation depends highly on their age and educational background.

For the survey, conducted in 2016, over 6, 500 Japanese workers, randomly selected, were asked, “What do you think about the impact of AI and robotics on the future of your job?” About 30% answered that they thought might lose their jobs, 39% thought they probably wouldn’t, and the other 31% weren’t sure. That’s unsurprising, Morikawa says in an article about the survey, after all, AI and robotics are developing gradually, so young people are more likely to be affected in their lifetimes.

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