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36 Hours in Lima, Peru

36 Hours in Lima, Peru
New York Times Weekend Guide

Lima’s winning formula: A rich pre-Columbian heritage, emerging art and fashion scenes, and remarkably great food.

Peru’s capital may not have world-class architecture, but its old moniker “Lima the ugly” doesn’t hold true these days. Right away, a visitor notices its tidy streets, handsomely landscaped parks and sweeping ocean views. And then there are the less obvious but ultimately more compelling attractions: a rich pre-Columbian heritage, ethnic diversity, and emerging art and fashion scenes, as well as remarkably great food. Lima’s transformation into a culinary powerhouse, which started more than a decade ago, was propelled forward in recent years by a group of talented and enterprising chefs. Their creativity, inspired by the seemingly endless variety of native ingredients, has brought fame not only to their individual restaurants, but also to the entire city.

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