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Fashion Brands Boost Digital Strategy With Shoppable Videos

Over the past few months, fashion brands have been drawn to shoppable video offerings, including Rebecca Minkoff and John Varvatos, who launched his collection last September using the first “touchable video platform,” Cinematique. Like Smartzer, which can make any new or existing video into an interactive on which people can click to learn more about products and make direct purchases, as the ads play, consumers can either click or touch items they’re interested in, and the garments appear in a separate tab with additional information.

Karoline Gross, who founded Smartzer in 2012, says they “work with brands to help turn existing videos into online shopping windows. ”

This can be done directly in the video by selecting designated “shop” buttons that temporarily pause playback, or by clicking on a drop bar on the side of the video that provides additional information on products shown in real time.

“We’ve brought these two concepts together and we’ve also added in very detailed data analytics to create a solution that can enhance any video, whether it’s a story or piece of content, or a product video.”

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