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#CounterTrend #VitaminAir The World’s First Eco-Friendly Vitamin Inhalation Device Trades Nicotine for Vitamins

“We built Vitamin Air because we were frustrated consumers who wanted recreational users and consumers who were trying to quit tobacco and nicotine to have a superior alternative that was well-designed, vitamin-based, and nicotine-free.  Our mission is to help people live healthy, empowered lives by offering a sustainable, wellness-inspired inhalation alternative that removes the stigma surrounding inhalation.” – Sparq

Excerpt via Springwise

Sparq has developed Vitamin Air, an odourless vaping device. Instead of a nicotine fix, users can choose between various wellness-based concoctions. Sparq offers three products aimed at boosting particular activities, mindsets or wellbeing. ‘Fuel’, contains amino acids for boosting endurance, ‘Pure’ for anti-ageing ingredients such as blueberry and ‘Melt’, which contains metabolic inducers such as green tea and açaí berry. Sparq has also conducted lab-based research on it’s products. The tests showed that no harmful byproducts are produced when the vaping solution is heated.

The team developed the device to be more eco-conscious than other vaping products. Vitamin Air is made of a sustainable wooden ‘filter’ and a stainless steel shaft. While it isn’t refillable, Sparq provides a free recycling program for users. Sparq is currently seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo.

Sparq’s device is the latest we’ve seen in a trend of using tech or wearables for health and wellbeing. Researchers have developed contact lenses that slowly release drugs through users’ eyes and also a wearable ring for monitoring vitamin D levels.

Takeaway: Businesses might set out with the goal of providing health-based solutions, but how to encourage users to take up new habits? The key could be products that either hijack established habits, such as vaping, or provide benefits without the user having to make much of an effort. Wearables can be a great solution, especially if they blend innocuously into users’ styles. Could your business target these approaches to improve user wellbeing?

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