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Booking on Airbnb? Top 5 Tips #DigitalNomad #SurvivalGuide

Top 5 Tips to ensure you have a smooth stay at an Airbnb, along with some on becoming a well-reviewed guest.

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#BoomCity #GhostsOfSeattlePast: Q+A with Jaimee Garbacik

Place and politics collide in a multimedia free-for-all--a ghost tour of a boom city trying to find its soul.

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The Future Is In ... a Parking Garage?

“Cars will be wandering the city 24-7, so you don’t need to own one. You just rent it as you need it.”

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The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working From Anywhere On Earth

via FastCompany Twenty years ago, a Hitachi executive named Tsugio Makimoto predicted...

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33 Startups To Watch in 2017

2017 is almost here and it’s once again time to predict which...

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Snapchat Announces New "Group Chat" Feature

One of the most requested features on Snapchat is the ability to...

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#Suffragette City: Branding The Wing, A New Social Club For Women

Chances are, if you’re a professional woman in New York, you’ve needed...

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Uber for Farmers: Trringo Tractor-hailing App Launched In India

Indian farmers can now rent a tractor through an app called Trringo

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#DigitalNomads: Freelancers and Telecommuters Top 10 Cities

According to a recent Gallup Poll, 37% of Americans cut the cord...

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Minimalism & Happiness: 10 TED Talks

It remains to be seen whether downsizing and minimalism are going to...

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BMW takes on Car2go and Uber in Seattle

As of last month, Seattleites have a new way to get around...

Read More Combines Co-living With Nomadism

Roam provides short-term apartments with a communal feel, for today's digital work-from-anywhere nomad.

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