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23 Jan 2019

The Age of Tech Is Over and Other Myths (AKA “Print is dead, live TV is dead, and Millennials killed American cheese”)

“If technology is everywhere, the tech sector no longer exists,” Vincent Deluard, strategist at INTL FCStone, a financial-services company. If the tech sector no longer exists, its premium is no longer justified. When the Financial Times got it’s hands on the document, it leaned into the death thesis, declaring: The tech sector is over. Excerpt via The […]

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12 Jan 2018

Top 5 Trends That Mattered at CES 2018

Excerpt via CNET Wall-sized TVs. Connected everything. Smart mirrors. Autonomous electric vehicles. The world’s thinnest laptop. Here are the Top 5 Trends that  mattered at CES 2018: 1. Smart home rising: More assistants and ‘AI’ everywhere CES 2017 was all about the rise of Alexa. This year Google came ready to fight back: Its Google […]

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31 Jan 2017

#Disruption: Why Hollywood As We Know It Is Already Over

Hollywood has ceded the vast majority of the more stimulating content to premium networks and over-the-top services such as HBO and Showtime, and, increasingly, digital-native platforms such as Netflix and Amazon. These companies also have access to analytics tools that Hollywood could never fathom, and an allergy to its inefficiency.

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22 Jul 2016

#New-Stalgia: Low-Tech Renaissance x NYC’s Last Typewriter Repairmen

“I could mention hollywood people who come in here,” said Paul Schweitzer, owner of the Gramercy Typewriter Co. “Sometimes they’ll send over ‘their people’ looking for a prop,” he continued, a slight grin discernible under his neat white mustache. “I know it’s somebody, but I’ll be busy helping another customer. I say, ‘I’ll be with you in a minute.’ […]

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22 Jul 2016

#Doppelganger: Artlexachung Instagram Mashup

Instagram/artlexachung We love discovering artistic Instagram accounts, and the latest one to blow our minds is the brainchild of sisters Mara and Beatriz Valdovn. If mixing art and fashion seems like the perfect combo, you’d be right, and these side by sides are so fun to look at, partially because Alexa’s fashion choices have an […]

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05 Jul 2016

DJ Spinna Presents The Wonder of Stevie Vol. 3

DJ Spinna presents the Wonder of Stevie – Volume 3 BBE Records By John-Paul Shiver Sometimes it is forgotten that Stevie Wonder, the arch-type creative genius after Ray Charles and before Prince, has assembled a herculean back-catalog of music. A self-produced multi-instrumentalist who wrote far more compositions than he could perform and release himself, Wonder […]

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20 Jun 2016

#DigitalSlang: Why Tribune Publishing’s New Name is ‘tronc’

TRIBUNE Publishing’s recent rebranding of itself prompts the question: What’s in a name? On Monday, Tribune Publishing — the company behind The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and nine other major daily newspapers — will become tronc Inc. (with a lowercase “t”), an abbreviation of “Tribune online content.” The name change represents a strategic shift from […]

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15 May 2016

The Ever-Changing Magic of Silicon Valley’s Title Sequence

The title sequence for HBO’s Silicon Valley is by far the most efficiently entertaining thing on television. In its scant 10 seconds, it manages to be at once satire, in-joke, and charter of tech cultures shifting corporate landscape  while packing the screen with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sight gags. There are titans like Google, Facebook, and Apple, which […]

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12 May 2016

Jamie Oliver x Food Media’s “Radical” Roots

“Naked Chef was radical. No one filmed shit like that. It was me in my home, wearing my clothes, cut to my music, going to my mates’, cooking shit that I cooked at home. That was totally not done 17 years ago.” – Jamie Oliver, The Naked Chef From Munchies: I’m having a deep meaningful chat […]

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11 May 2016

Exposed: “Trending Topics” News Bias at Facebook

Gizmodo on Monday reported on allegations by one former news curator, who worked for Facebook as a contractor, that the curation team routinely suppressed or blacklisted topics of interest to conservatives. That report also included allegations from several former curators that they used a injection tool to add or bump stories onto the trending module. […]

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